Matrix eServices

Web Based Services

e-Services is our comprehensive, web-based absence management tool for employers and employees. With easy, around-the-clock access, the employer may focus on overall financial exposure, including trends by location, division or work group.

The key components of eServices include:

eClaims gives employers direct access to claims information. You can drill down to specific claim detail, including examiner notes, case management history and litigation material. You can also exchange e-mail directly with the examiner.

eReports allows you to retrieve your standard monthly reports electronically. Easy-to-use tools let you perform ad hoc reporting analysis using the most current data.

eFiling lets an employee complete a claim application online. The site automatically accesses HRIS data provided by the employer. Absence packets can be delivered electronically to employees within minutes of filing a claim.

eCommunications electronically notifies multiple employer contacts about specific events, such as new claims, approvals, denials, extensions, and return-to-work confirmations.

Matrix has just introduced Intermittent Absence reporting which is available through Web, IVR and Mobile platforms.

Brokers can access

  • eClaims
  • eReports

Clients can access

  • eClaims
  • eReports
  • eComms


  • eFiling
  • Intermittent Absence Filing
  • Electronic Absence Packet
  • Claim information