FMLA/LOA Management

One Point of Contact

Everyone—employees, employer, physician, others—has one organization to contact, one organization dedicated to customer service, one organization familiar with your plan.

Burgeoning State and Federal regulation in the area of leave for personal and family-related problems has fueled the recent increase in the number of absences. Over the past four years, the share of unscheduled absences related to personal and family needs has increased dramatically.

The latest regulations proscribed in the Family Medical Leave Act have added significant detail to employers' obligations vis-à-vis notification of rights and documentation of eligibility. The result: greater legal liability and more work for already strained human resource departments.

Matrix offers Leave Management and Tracking services to address the wide range of absences not related to or which run concurrently with personal illness or injury, including casual absence, Family Medical Leave Act, Family Rights Act, Maternity Leave, Paternal Leave, Bereavement, Sabbatical, Military and Jury Duty as well as any other company-specific programs.

We evaluate employees' requests for leave

When your employee requests leave, we review the information submitted and-within two days of the request-send a letter of conditional approval. We validate and track the submission of all information required for approval. We also reach out to the Health Care Provider to obtain the certification for family leave. This process starts the day your employee reports their leave. When the certification is received it is closely scrutinized to assure it meets one of the six definitions of a serious health condition under the law. Intermittent leaves, which are more difficult to schedule work around, are also scrutinized and the duration and frequency of absences as well as treatment dates and times are established with the health care provider. The employee is encouraged to make appointments during times which will not interfere with their work schedule.

We take responsibility for employee / employer communications

For every leave event, we establish a calendar or time sheet to trigger the fulfillment of notification requirements, including:

  • Providing employees with required notification of entitlement to leave.
  • Sending notices to employees still lacking required certification on the 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th day following
  • Sending timely formal leave approval/denial letters to employees.
  • Sending all required follow-up letters to employees during leave.
  • Notifying you and your absent employee when leave is exhausted.
We monitor leave status

We accumulate all applicable leave time in accordance with regulations, down to a minute if applicable.