Intake Center

Inital Point of Contact- available 24x7

The Intake Call Center is the initial point of contact at Matrix for employees who are ill, injured or requesting leave. This service alleviates your human resource staff of the tasks associated with intake and documentation of requests for leave and/or disability.

Your employees call to notify us of their absence. At which time, we gather all information required to initiate a file, answer their questions and advise them of their responsibilities while out of work. We will then inform you of the pending claim, dates of absence and the tentative date for return to work. We also follow up with the treating physician to obtain medical certification when necessary.

Additionally, during initial contact with the employee, we confirm general information from electronic data exchange which is used along with information from the employee to complete a client-customized intake form. When we receive employee information from the employer using our web-based internet service, ExChange!, the intake process is even quicker.

Within 24 hours of the initial contact with the employee, we:
  • Send a client-specific intake packet, including the intake form, to the absent employee for review and signature.
  • Send the intake form for claim review, duration control analysis and initial return-to-work recommendations.
  • Contact the treating physician to obtain medical certification.
  • Provide the employer information via e-mail about the requested leave, the type of disability and the tentative date for return to work.