What We Offer


Absence is what we do

Based on the premise that employees make up the most costly—and valuable—part of a company’s resources, Matrix focuses on reducing the lost productivity suffered when employees miss work for any reason. 

Our product portfolio:
  • Streamlines benefit delivery
  • Simplifies administration
  • Reduces overall benefit costs for companies nationwide
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Benefits to employers

  • Alleviation of day-to-day administrative responsibilities associated with absence management
  • A completely integrated program offering opportunity to reduce costs and optimize outcomes for employees
  • Customized, strategic alignment to your business objectives

Disability Management

We draw upon the best resources to control claims from the onset, emphasizing a healthy return to work. Matrix integrates all disability programs — insured or self-insured, statutory and voluntary, short-term and long-term —to achieve seamless service to you and your ill or injured employees regardless of the duration of their disability.

To better facilitate an employee' s recovery and timely return to work, these programs can also be integrated with Family Medical Leave and LOA programs. In addition, we can integrate Salary Continuance with STD, Statutory Disability and LTD.

In those states that permit private plans and where self-insurance is desirable and feasible, we will provide guidance to the client regarding the implementation of a self-insured plan, including the preparation of employee communication, state application forms and regular reports for that state.

In those states that do not permit private plans, we will ensure that short-term plans that supplement statutory benefits are properly integrated to prevent overpayments. We administer self-insured plans in California, New York and New Jersey and can administer fully-insured plans in New Jersey and New York through Reliance Standard and First Reliance respectively, as appropriate.

FMLA/Leave of Absence

One point of contact—Federal. State. PPL. PFL. ADA. USERRA. We manage it all.

Everyone—employees, employer, physicians and others 
Burgeoning state and federal regulation in the area of leave for personal and family-related problems has fueled the recent increase in the number of absences. 

The latest regulations prescribed in the Family Medical Leave Act have added significant detail to employers’ obligations vis-à-vis notification of rights and documentation of eligibility. The result: greater legal liability and more work for already strained human resource departments.
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Over the past four years, the share of unscheduled absences related to personal and family needs has increased dramatically.

Matrix offers leave management and tracking services to address the wide range of absences not related to or which run concurrently with personal illness or injury, including:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • State family and medical leaves
  • Parental/bonding leave
  • Bereavement
  • Organ/blood donor
  • Family military
  • Small necessities/school activities
  • Military duty
  • Jury duty
  • Casual absence
  • Sabbatical
  • Other company-specified programs

ADA Advantage™

ADA compliance

ADA Advantage integrates leave management and ADA administration at the case level, regardless of whether the appropriate accommodation is an at-work adjustment or leave of absence.

  • Customization to employer culture
  • Communication and education
  • Early identification and exploration of options
  • Medical and vocational investigation requests
  • Consistent tracking and audit trail
  • Integration with leave administration where appropriate
  • Return to work focus
  • Secure administration portal

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an “equal opportunity” law for people with disabilities. The ADA Amendments Act, which went into effect in 2009, expanded the definition of disability and increased the number of employees to which the ADA is applicable. ADA requires employers to consider accommodations for employees with disabilities so that they can perform the essential functions of their positions, with or without reasonable accommodations. These accommodations may involve workplace modifications and/or extensions of employee leave that is otherwise governed by federal (FMLA), state leave laws, or company policy.


Complicated by government and economic turmoil across the healthcare and employee benefits landscapes, adherence to ADA requirements has become increasingly challenging for employers.